2022 is really shaping up to be quite the busy year, our loading dock has never seen so many new equipment deliveries in such a short amount of time!

We have just taken delivery of 20 12x12w RBGWAU LED battery bars from Event Lighting. Whenever we see a new intriguing product on the market we jump at the chance to be able to include them in our rental inventory.

These battery powered lights last up to 16 hours on a single charge. This means they can be placed anywhere required without power and there is no risk of the battery running low during your event. The colours these units produce are very broad, boasting Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber and UV LED’s, they are able to create any colour desired.

These battery powered lights are perfect for uplighting walls, tree’s and structures of any kind. They are also IP65 rated meaning they can be left in the weather in a completely safe manor. Another great feature is the wireless DMX which allows these units also to be used as wash units or great eye candy effects on stage.

Check out our Lighting page for more information on what we can offer.

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